Gauge , level widgets maximum value

Widgets like gauge, Level allows only the maximum value of 4 digits like…9999… I can’t set value aboy 4 digits 10000,110000 etc… kindly solve or provide a solution

@shanmugavadivel You could possibly adjust this software side. For example. #/1000 as you will never see the difference on a gauge.

Curious why you would need that kind of granularity…

In my case I’m using 14 bit ADC which has a resolution of 16384…and also While measuring liquid levels we need around 20000 litres capacity…But we could not adjust in the software side…
And BTW whether it will be updated in Blynk 2.0🤔

I still don’t understand why you can’t simply re-scale the data in your code. If the capacity is 20,000 litres then have your gauge display in thousands of litres and have your gauge scaled 0-20. if you use a float variable then you’ll get decimal places as well.

Who knows whether it will be different in Blynk 2.0, but as the beta version is nowhere to be seen yet, its likely to be at least 12 months before you find out.


That’s good.idea

It’s what @daveblynk suggested!


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