Gate control with blynk no longer working

My project was running now for nearly one year.
Yesterday it stop working. I have no connection anymore with the app and also the local buttons are no longer working. Is something changed ?

Possibly on your end. All of my projects are still up and running. Have you tried a hard reset/power cycle of the board and/or your router?

My system for the gate was working for more than a year. Now I have a strange problem. I can control the gate without any problem with the local push buttons,(also connected the de nodemcu). With the app I can open and stop the gate, but there is no action when I push the close button on the app. I made no changes in the nodemcu and in the app. The app is still the old Blynk app.

Have you re-flashed the code to your NodeMCU recently for any reason?


No, Nothing done with the NodeMCU. Also strange that only one command from the app is no longer working (‘close’ button)

Have you checked that the button is still connected to pin that it was?
It’s easy to accidentally edit the app and make an unwanted change.



Thanks. The pin was not connected anymore. After reconnecting everything is normal now.

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