"Garduino" - The remote control to your garden

Did you sort the wifi_credentials issue?

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hi - i am finally in the game!

how’s yours going @Jamin


Wow yours looks waaay stronger than mine with teh threaded connections! I had pressure issues because of normal slip over and clamp style connectors… and also changed my garden watering plan after installing new more accessable taps around the property. So now I am setting up individual water tap control boxes instead of having an awesome array like that :slight_smile:

My code was modified so it only uses 1 tap but easily changed to 4.

Now you just need 4 x water flow sensors!

I’ve love to see it in action via a video if you make one later :smiley:

its for a vertical food plant garden, not anything massive, so havnt planned on flow sensors, but will be implementing semi-intelligent watering, based on moisture and environmental variables…

just waiting for my ADS1115 to arrive…


nice!! now i really want to see videos :slight_smile:

Just saw these new capacitive soil moisture sensors and they look awesome!

Just imagine have 10-15 of these all over the property… could put them under the lawn like in the video… thats so cool!

I’ve just gone and got 2 early birds :slight_smile:

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Sounds good on paper, but for outdoor use I imagine it impossible for battery powered devices with that 24mA power consumption. That is unless you can power toggle it without losing measurement accuracy. Also that 2° minimum operating temperature does not quite sound OK :confused:

May I ask how you plan to use this? :slight_smile:
Indoor, AC powered? Or battery?

yeh if they’re under the lawn i would def run a cable to the side and have an outdoor station monitoring and powering them all.

OK for me :smiley: doesnt go below 6 in winter where i live :sun_with_face::sun_behind_small_cloud:

I have 24V DC running around my fence line already so I just include a 24v to 12v dc-dc converters in all my outdoor projects. I will use it in my garden to start with. I have a potted garden so i will have it connected to a water proof station on the fence and a long cable that i can insert in to one or move around.
But yeh pretty excited as I got the early shipping one.

I have one of these already but i havnt had a chance to play with it all winter. I got the rugged version.

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You bastard! :triumph:

A bit jealous :wink:

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Hello Jamin.
I tried to replicate your project adapting it for my purpose, changing water price in Ron and the tap state to ON=GPIO HIGH and OFF=GPIO LOW in order not to keep the relay armed most of the time.

Everything works fine, but I could not tell from your picture what the WARN led and RTC clock widget do.27E15998-AFA9-4B04-AE4D-DF06ECE54DC6
My kind requests are:
1)Could you please explain to me what they do and what (virtual) pins connect to them (if applicable).
2)I would like to add adjustable timers where I should be able to set the irrigation to trigger by itself applying the default limit. (like 1-2 automatic runs a day). Do you have this implemented in a sketch or how do you suggest I should do that?

Thank you very much for your time and this helpful project.

Hey not sure why you deleted your post… maybe you got it working… either way the warn light and RTC/timers are all works in progress :slight_smile: Use them how you like

Hello Jamin,

I deleted it because later on because re-reading your posts I found all the answers. At the time I didn’n know how deletion works, now I know. :slight_smile:

Your project works for me, the thing I changed was to invert the gpio state to HIGH for open valve and LOW for closed valve
I would like to fork your git project and try to add features like timer, but I don’t have yet an idea of how I can manage the GPIO state (invert it) from project settings.

For now I will stick to your project, slightly modified and with an added eventor widget for planning next irrigation time.

For the future I would like to implement a google-calendar syncronized irrigation schedule and weather forecast related decisions. Also, the system should be able to operate by itself following the last (google calendar) syncronized schedule in case of Internet outage.

Best regards,

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@Jamin Can you share The Project Qr Code?

No QR generated as the project is very very custom on my end… using beta code etc.

Its very very easy to recreate the interface yourself using the settings.h file for virtual pin reference

Thank you!
what is your water meter sensor ?

Just a standard hall effect sensor from ali express

search water hall effect flow meter

Hi, how are you?

First, cool project Jamin
Im trying to implement the same setup but based on watering time and moisture threshold, as I only have one sensor and 6 valves or sprinkler zones.
Do you have a wiring diagram? as I am a newbie I need visual reinforcement to fully understand inputs and outputs


Funny thing that I got quite that same system going on in my garden, a few questions:

  1. Does this relay module is getting along fine with 3.3v signal (these are 5v relays mounted on the module)
  2. How did you calibrate the flow sensor voltage output to an actual water flow rate?


Controllino work the same as arduino Mega.
in out put: if you work whit 12v then you have to change only 5v to 12v in your code. that’s it.

Quick question i am trying to build similar system but where can i get those adapters to the valves?