Garage door


i have created a garage door project with BLYNK. All is running well, no problem, WHEN i am at home.

When i am far away, so not in my network, my Blynk Project says “Device was disconnected”. When i push the “Stop” Button in the app (Right corner) and after that the “Start” Button in the app (Right Corner) the Device is online. After approx 30 seconds “Device is disconnected”. Can someone explain me?

Blynk Cloud server or Local Server?

Blynk Cloud Server.

Could the reason be that i only have EDGE?

Or could the reason be that the ESP8266 is in the garage and that the Router/Repeater is to far away?

You need a decent internet connection.

Sounds like your EDGE connection might not be good enough. Can you get 3G/4G at all to test it?

Or someone else’s wifi.

That should be easy to test… just set up a Wifi RSSI widget.

Bylnk.virtualWrite(V30, String("Wifi: ") + map(WiFi.RSSI(), -105, -40, 0, 100) + String('%'));

What does this means because what can i do with this? Where i have to add?

Bylnk.virtualWrite(V30, String("Wifi: ") + map(WiFi.RSSI(), -105, -40, 0, 100) + String(’%’));

Not having tested it myself I assume this shows you your device signal strength in %.

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okay, and where can i see the singla? Do i need to add something in the app?
I cannot find anything in the docs.

In your code.

No, add it to your ESP code.

okay, and where can i see the signal in % ?

Once you insert that code behind a 1 second timer, you can create a new value widget in the mobile app and assign virtual pin 30 to it.

okay, i add only your code line in my project and create a value to pin 30 and it should run, i will try.

I have simple timer in my project can i use this one or do i have to create a new one?

There is no need to fiddle with simpletimer for this and since the code isnt trivial to your application use a read frequency in a value widget instead.

Add this code and it will only execute when your app is open in phone if I understand BLYNK_READ properly.

   Blynk.virtualWrite(V30, String("Wifi: ") + map(WiFi.RSSI(), -105, -40, 0, 100) + String('%'));

Aside from a handy means of determining RSSI… it is not really relevant to his original question.

If everything works when he is home (and on his WiFi network) then his signal between router and ESP is just fine… unless the ESP runs over to the neighbors to play video games whenever he isn’t home :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It sounds more like a poor internet connection from the EDGE carrier network (as @Jamin has mentioned).

@Tom can you run a speedtest app on the phone when out of range from your router? or as @Jamin suggested, try using your phone on a WiFi hotspot or friends internet WiFi and connecting to Blynk from there to test.

I’m not really sure how the detection mechanism works from the App <> Server <> Device(s). But if the message states “Device is offline” I would presume it is offline from the Server to the Device. This would mean the connection between the App and the Server is still OK.

Therefor, it still could be the device, the error message says so, so I’m not convinced it has to do with the mobile connection. If the App is disconnected from the Server you would get the Login window in the app, not Device offline message, right?

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Good point… I guess if it is the notification widget that is giving that message?

Not in my tests… if I am already logged in, and then activate airplane mode… nothing changes, just no connection (however it also shows as online… but then I have always found that indicator a bit quirky :wink:

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I guess we found more stuff to work out for the Troubleshooting part of the documentation :slight_smile:

@Lichtsignaal Yep,

It. Never. Ends… :wink:

Can you clarify if this is a pop up message, or the message that shows below the Device Name (when you click on that little chip icon to the left of the Play Stop button)

I believe you are correct… with everything up and running, I then activate airplane mode and then shut off the Arduino… but no notification in the app and devices still show as online, until I re-enable phone connectivity, then I get the notification and the devices show as off-line.

Still doesn’t make sense why @Tom Blynk project only fails when he leaves home… I mean at least a cat may leave a “present” for you if lonely… what exactly do our robot-overlords-in-training do??


It is a small massage in orange in the left bottom corner. After that the device is offline. If i switch stop/start it is online and the device is called “Offline since 09:51…”.