Garage Door Monitor / Opener Project

Here’s a sneak peak of my latest project. This is still a work in progress. A garage door monitor that does the following:

  • monitors 2 doors and alerts via LED inside the house of either are open.
  • also alerts the Blynk app and shows which door is open.
  • allows me to remotely close either door via the Blynk app.
  • notification LEDs (1 for heartbeat, 1 to alter when doors are open).
  • has 2 manual door opener buttons to open the doors from the controller itself.
  • has fingerprint sensor on the outside that allows my family to open the door (can store up to 200 fingerprints).
  • Future: has the ability to add new users to the fingerprint sensor (cant wait for the Blynk LCD widget for this!)
  • Future: IP cam timed-base snapshot to view the inside of the garage. See below Blynk guys! :smile:
  • Using Nano clone, Adafruit CC3000 (may switch over to Huzzah 8266), Sparkfun fingerprint sensor and Blynk of course!

Idea: What I would love to be able to do is drop a timed snapshot of the IP cam in my garage (to get a visual of the door status). Just a window where I can drop the call to my IPCam to view it in snapshot mode.(FYI, I’ve developed this for one of my Android apps and would be happy to provide some input offline if you guys are considering this).

Near Completion:



Thanks for sharing!

Having camera is a great idea and we have Video Stream Widget planned. Any experience and expertise would be very helpful! So please contact us.

I created a new category on the forum where everyone can share their projects and moved your post there.

If you can make a video of the door closing – that would be just awesome!


Здравствуйте Павел ! Видео виджет еще опубликован ? Очень хотелось бы попробовать !

Could you please share the code of this project ?

It’s all documented at

Hi !
Very strange project, because all the automation systems for rolling shutters have their own controller to control. However, the idea is interesting for outdoor gate drives which can be purchased separately.