Future Bluetooth support...offline?

Yes we realize this. :smile:
The main problem is, it involves big App changes.
But we will definitely get to it.

Hey there!

Super pleased to hear you are working on bluetooth! Has any progress been made in the last months. Our team would really like to use blynk with the famous and inexpensive HC-05 module and an arduino. Is this to be expected soon?

Bluetooth is planned after we publish Sharing functionality. However, we will start with BLE first (mainly because of iOS issues with regular Bluetooth)

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It’s been a few months. Has the BLE development progressed?

@SouthernAtHeart no, we stuck a bit on Profile Sharing. After we finish it we will start bluetooth.

Any progress with BLE so you can start working on bluetooth soon? :smiley:

Also, if I can’t wait for regular bluetooth and decides to buy a module for BLE communication between arduino and galaxy s5, what module is recommended? HC-10? I have a HC-06 now, will that one work with the BLE arduino-galaxy s5? I’m not very experienced with bluetooth so my post may be a bit confusing
Thanks in advance

Does anyone know? ??

I think we will support both. But at the moment we don’t know which one will be implemented first.

The HC-05 and HC-06 are very similar. I have gotten the HC-05 to work with my Samsung NOTE 3. Blynk does not support it yet but you could use ardudroid (not anywhere near as good but temporary solution to test ur HC-06)

Any new news on the expected availability of bluetooth support?

BLE on finish line. Estimation 1-2 weeks

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Will it work with the HC-06?

Not in first release.

Okay, thank you for fast answer. Do you have any planned release for it?

HC-05 and HC-06 are the lowest priority…
They even can’t work with iOS.
Arduino 101, HM-10, Bluno, nRF8001, RedBear Duo and similar devices will get support first.

Thanks for the info - great news.

Okay I see, then I think that I should buy a HM-10. Will that work with the first BLE release?

BLE support is here (BETA). Please continue discussion in that topic.