Freetronics Etherten with Wiznet W5100

Hi, I know that the Freetronics Etherten is not on the supported hardware list, but it does have the Wiznet chip. I have been testing my Etherten using the Blynk_Ethernet_Manual sample sketch and i have been able to ping the unit as it’s trying to connect to the server.

Serial output:
[0] Blynk v0.3.0
[0] Using static IP
[1300] My IP:
[5001] Connecting to
[37201] Connecting to

Have i hit the wall with being able to make this work until its a support device?

Sorry we don’t have this device so can’t check it.

why do you connect to
it should be !

Hey, i got it to work with “” as you suggested. was in the example code.

So now i have confirm that the freetronics Etherten (from Australia) works with Blynk.

Thank you for your help

fixed the example. thx.

The EtherTen works fine with Blynk, we’ve been testing it over the weekend.