Free devices

I got a mail from @MariiaDrozhak

It said to get 5 free device I need to make one device online on blynk platform.

I made a device and already it was online.

But there was an issue called error parsing number because of which I was unable to open it on the app. Ppl

I reported in in the community but no replies.
So I deleted it and the issue is solved after creating new device.

@MariiaDrozhak I want to whether I should reactivate the new device in order to gain my free devices or what I did is enough?

Open your app n go the billing section n see whether the limit if device is 1of1 of 1of5.

1 of 1

You have until 25th to activate your device to qualify, according to the statement from Blynk.


One more or deleted one is ok?

Deleted devices won’t count.
However once you get your limit raised, you can certainly delete any activated device.

ok sir

Should I worry that after 2 days I have not the 5 free devices added?