Frankfurt server

The server in germany seems to be down

Working on it

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@Dema323 Only for you, you little hacker :stuck_out_tongue:

How’s it going, no new skateboard antics?

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I got my drivers license so not really using it anymore :stuck_out_tongue: And for current projects im automating my brothers house but i have some trouble with 230v creating interference with the esp32 on my pcb board :confused: What are you up to ?

Oh Oh! Look out little birds :bird:

Cool. Keep us updated on the interference and solutions…

Just what you read here… terrorising no0bs and puttering on code.

The server is up

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That was fast, almost feel bad for posting this now.


Thanks !

I will do an overview when its finished, and i just saw you got alot more videos on your channel ! Im about to check them out :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just came to the conclusion that my pcb design is at fault. My traces that carry 230v are to close to the signal traces off the esp32 and cause interference. Its always fun to learn the hard way.

I heard that electroshock therapy was making a resurgence :zap:

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surprisingly enough i did not get shocked yet over the course of this whole project ! That is probably a personal record.

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You are awesome…

I so stole that and made it my banner.

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