For information , Something wrong with library v1 beta 3

I just updated BLYNK Library to V1 Beta 3
When Blynk Local Server is down, the whole code is suspended until Blynk Server is back

As usual I am using this function to try to reconnect, but it never executes the function :

void loop() {;
  ArduinoOTA.handle();  // For OTA
  if (Blynk.connected()) {  // If connected run as normal;
  } else if (ReCnctFlag == 0) {  // If NOT connected and not already trying to reconnect, set timer to try to reconnect in 30 seconds
    ReCnctFlag = 1;  // Set reconnection Flag
    Serial.println("Starting reconnection timer in 60 seconds...");
    timer.setTimeout(60000L, []() {  // Lambda Reconnection Timer Function
      ReCnctFlag = 0;  // Reset reconnection Flag
      ReCnctCount++;  // Increment reconnection Counter
      Serial.print("Attempting reconnection #");
      Blynk.connect();  // Try to reconnect to the server
    });  // END Timer Function

back to V0.6, issue disappear .

There’s lots of things wrong with the beta versions.
They are intended for Blynk 2.0 (AKA Blynk360 or Edgent) and won’t compile some existing Blynk code that compiles correctly with 0.6.1
In addition, notifications and emails don’t work with the beta versions when used with the cloud or local servers.

Life would be much simpler if the beta versions didn’t appear in the Arduino IDE.


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I think so too …
I keep running 0.6.1 until they provide a stable version

Something tells me that 0.6.1 will be one of the last “Blynk V1” libraries.