Flow sensor reading using nodemcu version 1.0 esp8266 with blynk app

I am very new with nodemcu ESP8266 and blynk app i need some one to write a simple short and clean code for me i want to use 2 float sensors for upper and lower level and one relay module to turn on and off motor using blynk app and 1 flow sensor YF-B5 . My requirements is very simple like i want to monitor upper and lower level of tank and by turning on the motor by using relay module i want to measure the flow of water through flow sensor and for all this i am using blynk server. I will be very thankful for whoever write whole code for me. I am literally dont know anything for code so please help me and also guide me for schematic to make connections with nodemcu

HERE are the pic of sensors and board i am using
1-http://dvrobot.ru/images/products/product_img_3016.jpg (FLOW SENSOR)
2-https://iotmaker.vn/images/thumbnails/941/788/detailed/1/NODEMCU_v1.0_Lua_-_ESP8266_ESP12E.png (NODEMCU)

You probably won’t get anyone on this forum to write your code for you - that’s not the purpose of the forum.

You could try websites like fiverr, or invest some time in learning - in which case you’ll yet plenty of help from this forum.


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