Flood Error on Local Server

Hi to all,

I am getting a flood error when the device is connected to a local server, but works fine with the cloud server.

My settings are:
#user is limited with 100 messages per second.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance for the kind cooperation

@hatters library also has limitation - http://docs.blynk.cc/#troubleshooting-flood-error

Thanks for the prompt replay Dmitriy.

I am way under the limit of 100 messages and have no issues when the device is connected to the cloud server.

Any way I increased #define BLYNK_MSG_LIMIT 200 , ( it was 20) but the problem still persists

If it is an issue with the config file shouldn’t it affect the connection both to local and cloud server?

If you mean server.properties then no as that’s just for local server.

Maybe a bad for loop somewhere?

is the sketch identical down to the last character (other than token and server request)?

Hi Costas,

I mean BlynkConfig.h
// Limit the amount of outgoing commands.
#define BLYNK_MSG_LIMIT 200

Yes the sketch is exactly the same apart from
char server[] = and char auth[] =

I have server-0.28.1 running on raspberry pi 3 another two projects are ok with that server.

Also tested with Blynk Server 0.28.2 on MacBook Pro but the flood is still there.

@hatters the other difference that can occur is in the projects on your phone.

Unless you have cloned between servers they may not be identical.
A common mistake is to have some widgets set with a timed frequency, rather than PUSH, and have virtualWrite() to these widgets.

Precisely which MCU are you using?

Actually I was going to ask if the cloning can be a problem because I cloned the apps.

Nodemcu 1.0 ( ESP -12E )

It is really strange to me because the project is with two devices that were connected to the cloud server for more than two weeks without problems and the only thing I changed was the char server[] = and char auth[] =

At the same time the local server works fine with two other devices

Cloning recently “changed”. For years you could clone between servers, then for about a week or so a feature changed that prevented this. A mod was then made to reintroduce server to server cloning.

There is a small chance that could be the issue but my money would be on something else.

Is it a complex project?

DHT22, three relays, on I2C - BMP280, OLED display and BH1750

Maybe just to exclude it as possible problem I can create a new project from scratch, I mean on the app

Just create the bit that causes the flood or don’t you know where the flood is?

there is no feedback which one is the problem bit

give me 10 min and I will test it

there is if you have all the debug features running.

I’ve tried it but the information is a bit overhelming and I cannot interpret it properly

Tested with a new app, the problem persists.
Trouble detected: http://docs.blynk.cc/#troubleshooting-flood-error
and Cmd skipped:20 over and over again

The explanation is pretty simple - on the local server your hardware handles network interrupts quicker. That makes your hardware to process more commands within the same interval and that causes failure as your hardware can’t process so many commands. So you need to dig into your code and optimize/simplify it.

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including the Arduino ESP core.

@hatters do you have the core that was released a few days ago with the WPA2 krack fix or version 2.3.0 from 15 months ago?