Float switch control

I was wondering if there was a way to install a float switch that will turn off the pins i am using to control 2 perstaltic pumps.

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void loop()

How does Blynk relate to this?

What code do you have so far?


Well I want to know if there is an input button or feature with in blynk to add this command? I’m not a coder so I’ve managed to get the pumps running on, on off button along with timers and speed control, but if I wanted to add this command function how would I do it? Excuse my ignorance

Hi, Yes, Blynk provides a range of widgets, including buttons that can control GPIO pins on MCUs.

You’ll need to follow the Getting Started guide . . . start with very basic sketches, turn LED on/off . . . then slowly add features as you gain experience.


At least he kept his void loop clean! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well… Have you read any of the docs? I’m not sure you understand how Blynk is meant to be used?!

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This is a basic microcontroller question, and not related to Blynk in any way.
Do some research about connecting switches to GPIO pins on whatever type of board you are using. Go for a solution which uses a timer to ‘poll’ the pins on a regular basis to see if the switch is open or closed.