Fleet tracking

Hi all! I would like to ask your opinion regarding my project. For this project, I will be tracking multiple buses at the same. Map widget can only be added once. Is there any way I could do this? I am using two separate but similar nodemcus for this. Maybe I could use device selector?

Hello. If you need only map widget you may use same auth token across all devices. This will help. Usually it is not recommended, but if you will not use any controllers (widdgets like button) it will work for you.

Yeah but it becomes difficult to distinguish which bus is A and B if there are two buses. But might as well try that thanks :slight_smile:

Agree. Let me check if we can easily implement this.

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No problem with buses, you just use different indexes for them


//device A
Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, 0, lat, lon, "Bus A");
//device B
Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, 1, lat, lon, "Bus B");

What exactly does “index” do? Im quite new to this. I am able to change sa map markers so I could identify which is Bus A and Bus Bm

I bought Blynk Energy because I thought I can get two maps but it’s fine :slight_smile: it allows me to put more functions

if we can add multiple maps in Blynk, I will really appreciate it thanks

Indexes are “numbers” of the pins on the map as stated in the docs

While I can see some use cases for multiple maps, having one will cover the majority of them.

Improvements for better multiple devices handling will be introduced soon.

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@JakeLobrigas Seems like easy fix. We will do the release with this feature soon. Stay tuned.

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Oh I forgot, if you can then please if there is any option that we can change the markers… thaaanks. Thank you very much

Just send map location with the same index and it should update already available map marker with the same index

What i meant was that the blacklocation marker. It can be helpful if we can choose the image as a marker. Example: instead of the black marker, it can be a red bus for Bus A and blue for Bus B. I know this isn’t possible yet. But it will really help improve the aesthetics of my project if this can be implemented. Thanks

In the app’s version 2.18.1 you could assign map widget to a tag with a couple of devices, you could program the devices with a code that adds map’s locations with different indexes for this issue.

On the marker’s changes - we’ll think about it.