Flashing static tokens to code

I’m tying to use static tokens with QR codes.
My problem is I cannot find any examples of the
usage of the DEFINE Statements to include the device token, or the static tokens I have. I know I have to add it to the code just don’t know where or how.

If you look at any of the the non-Edgent examples you’ll see how to hard-code the auth token into the sketch and use it in the Blynk.begin or Blynk.config command, depending on which approach you are using.

Obviously static tokens and their associated QR codes can only be used with Ethernet or GSM connectivity (and only if a GSM APN and PIN aren’t needed), unless you already know the WiFi SSID and Password or use WiFiManager.


I can now with Edgent using the Pro Plan, can use a QR code to enroll a new persons Device to their phone. I still have to send them a invite first.

I just use the QR Device Token as the “Blynk_auth_token”
Now on their phone they can add the device by scanning the QR code, this allows the hard coded notifications to be sent to them when needed.