Finally my wife has asked for a project!

The question from her was “Can that thing control the irrigation?”, “Yes.” was the answer…
My question here is, can I use Blynk to control a HLK-SW16?
It has WAN, LAN, Serial and Wireless but when I searched here for the HLK-SW16 I got no matches but that could be because I got the search wrong.
If the answer is actually NO then any suggestions how I can get 11 relays to work with timers using Blynk?
As long as the relays are blue on a PCB she will think it is the same bit of ‘junk’ I was fiddling with.
Just for once I would like to have an answer to a problem and not an answer looking for a problem.

I’d forget the board you have, it doesn’t appear to be programmable.

There are lots of existing irrigation projects, but 11 relays seems a bit of an overkill, and would need an ESP32 or an ESP8266 with a multiplexer.


Thanks Pete,
the board has a webpage built in so I might have a go at changing that as project two.

The 11 was 12 but she is happy to turn her own main water on or off if raining.

I will see if I can get away with 8 failing that 7 with bit 8 to switch banks.

I will search for irrigation see what comes up
Thank you so much for the reply Pete.