Feature Suggestion Hide / unhide tabs using data-stream

Hide / unhide tabs using data-stream

Having multiple visible / hidden tabs would make this app much more versatile. One device could have many options for control layout without confusing users with extra tabs

Would anyone else find this useful?

****EDIT PeterKnight Improvement

using set Property would be a much better system
Either Tab as a new data-stream, as such data agnostic model
or assign a Vpin to each tab

blynk.set_property('tab1', 'hide')  # tab
blynk.set_property('72', 'hide')  # tab

I’ve often thought that having the ability to enable/disable widgets, tabs etc from the hardware would make Blynk much more flexible.
I’m not sure about hiding widgets, tabs etc, but greying them out in certain situations would certainly be useful.

I don’t think that using a datastream would be the best way to implement this though, it seems to fit better with the existing setProperty functionality.


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There was a roadmap proposal for this in 2018 which received quite a few votes, although it didn’t mention tabs…


It would give much more versatility / functionality / flexibility to the ridged app display system