Feature request

Can we have a system where a board/device broadcasts or registers its capability and function? E.g. 4 relay switch board with switch 1,2,3,4 on digital pins 5,6,2,7; temperature sensor on GPIO 14 and virtual pins 1,2,3,4 for functions a,b,c,d. The app then shows only these.

Would be good when different boards are used.

Have the interface specification on the app as a XML. This way, even a web interface can build a specification.

In the current scheme, one interface element is tied to one pin. In many cases, we will need more properties to be assigned. E.g. turn on a relay and turn it down after 15 minutes. EWelink does this neatly by attaching any number of schedules to every interface element allowing time of the day, countdown timer from activation and a loop timer. Thus, the switch can be turned on by a manual action and/or timer action. Blynk right now allows only one on the interface. I know we can assign virtual pins and do this in firmware. This scheme seemed more elegant and easy.