Feature request : INFO button

As the number of projects and their complexity increases, it becomes useful to be able to put on the blynk app some info on the various widgets.

I am thinking of a very simple solution (from what I can conceive ! ) for the developers. It would be an info button of small size, that would pop up a window of the size of the device with the info text. So no connections with the hardware.
In the same way as the info texts for the various widgets.

In order to insert large texts as in the widget info, there will be some need to be able to transmit a text written on a computer with a decent keyboard.
So here maybe there is some additional work.

That would be really useful, especially when you transmit a blynk application to another user.

Thanks for the good work !



Hello. You mean some text info that every blynker can fill widget with? So this info would be specific to project?

I mean info specific to a project. Not associated to a widget.

In each page of the blynk application (on the ios or android device ) one could put a n info button in order to remind the use (specific to the application ) of all of the widgets in the page.

Yes, it will be something editable by the blynker.

The best would be if it were possible to get some nice formatting as what you do for your info buttons for the widgets.