Feature request: in the event of email error, throw an error event()

Recently my phone service provider changed their email-to-sms address (without providing a notification… yeah, uncool). My Blynk app continued to run fine, however, all the emails bounced back with an undeliverable error.

Can you provide a backup means of communication in case of an undelivered email? Maybe throw an event that we can catch and deal with accordingly in code? Or, perhaps create a widget that only triggers an alert when an email fails?


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I’m afraid this is not possible due to technical reasons. When you do Blynk.email our server gets message and than - forwards it to mail provider. Mail provider tries to send message. In that stage there are bunch of possible reasons of failure and mail provider decides what should be done with this failure. As I know in described case we will get no notification back.

Dmitriy, thanks for the timely response. Does your email provider not provide a “could not deliver” return email?

@gAtIOnTh the possible fixes for you are:

  1. Set up a timed event to email you 3 times a day and then you know your email provider is still in business.

  2. Use an additional notification like PUSH messages so if you get a PUSH and no email you know you have a problem.