Feather Wifi HW Definition on Blynk

I am a new user and I am trying to write an app to control a servo connected to Feather Wiced Wifi HW from Adafruit.
In the app the first step is to select the HW type. I don’t see the Feather Wiced in that list. Which HW should I select instead?


Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266.

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I don’t see this option in the HW list. The first item in the list starts with Arduino 101.

Can I custom define the HW?


Sorry I thought you meant in the Arduino IDE.

Use ESP8266.

Or Generic Board.

Ok, thanks.
I’ll try it out.

In the Arduino IDE you can select the Feather Wiced after installing the support drivers. I have already done that.


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I sent Moshe171 here from the Adafruit forum. So, count that as a New User Referral!!! To be clear, what I believe he’s asking for is what Hardware Model to select in the Android App when creating a new project and the controlled hardware is Feather WICED Wifi. ESP8266 doesn’t seem right since the processor is an ARM architecture. Will Generic Board work?


Virtual/Digital pins should always work with Generic Board.
Analog pins use different mappings, so usually they won’t work with direct numbering.

I was thinking that all the different “Feathers” use the ESP8266 but it appears not, so Generic Board.

Guys, we do not support many Adafruit boards, mainly because we cannot find a good contact person to reach them.
If you know someone from Adafruit, please send me a PM/email, I would love to be introduced with them.
Thank you!

I don’t know anyone from Adafruit but here is the link to the topic that I have started in their forum:

I also included a link to this topic on this forum from there. You are welcome to ask them directly for a contact you need under the posted topic there.

Thank you for your help.