Facebook Connect doesn't work anymore (IOS)

Hi Guys,

I’m back on Blynk after a while and when I tried to login to Blynk IOS app via Facebook Connect, I get always the message “Wait a moment…” and nothing.

When I try to login with the email address (same used for Facebook), I get a warning saying I have to connect via Facebook. I also tried to delete the Blynk app from the Facebook authorized applications, but din’t work.

Any idea ? By the way, is it feasible to “move” my account from Facebook login to “classic” login ?

Thanks in advance,

Murray B

Depending on how long “a while” was, your account on the cloud may have been closed. Send a PM to @Dmitriy with your login info and he should be able to assist.

Well, last time i was connected to the IOS app was about 3 weeks ago. I don’t think my account has been deleted because I got a warning message when I try to connect via classic login.
Anyway thanks for the advice, I will PM Dimitry