External access with ip camera

Hello guys,

I tested with an ip camera, and I was able to view the video in real time. But I did this test on the internal network using the RTSP protocol
But I realized that if I access through the internet of the cell phone (3G / 4G) it does not connect in the video.

I researched and found standard DVR solutions for mobile Internet access, but wanted to know if these settings will work on blynk

Do you have any other solutions or ideas?


It actually has very little to do with Blynk… the Widget simply tries to connect directly (no server intervention) with whatever URL you provide it. So if you want your video stream to be visible outside of your local network, then you need to make it so (Google for that, as it is not a Blynk thing) and then provide the Widget with the Public/WAN access URL (preferably with authentication :wink: )

On external access I can even configure it, but I have not gotten the test yet.

but let’s do a simulation:

This is my ip for access camera in the local network:


I know that to configure to have external access, I need to configure the router and No-IP. After configured, for example I left with the name: tcc2019.ddns.net

There in the App do I need it this way?

Yes correct. You may also need to port forward the required ports for your camera through your router.

Yes, I believe you need to put this: tcc2019.ddns.net in the configure of router.

No not the domain. Your camera will use a certain port that needs to be forwarded. I think my camera is 554 from memory.

Try this link:


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The exact syntax you use is entirely dependent on the camera or possibly any web server you use to stream the video.

I have some that look like this…