Exporting data to excel

Hi everyone, I have created a project that need to analysis the reaction every second, but I have notice when exporting the data to excel, it can only show the changes every minutes, is there a way I can get the data recorded every second and export those data to excel?

Blynk IoT or Blynk Legacy?

If Blynk IoT what type of subscription plan do you have?


Blynk IoT, so basically I have this loadcell connected to HX711 and node MCU, and the data is transmitted to the blynk apps in my mobile. I am able to see the changes of the weight every second on my mobile, but when I export the data to excel, the data is showing by minute instead of second. I want to know if I can export the data to excel in the unit of second. Thank you.

It depends on your subscription, but you didn’t answer that part of the question.


Do you mean did I pay for using Blynk? If that’s the case I have been using it freely. Sorry if I don’t get your question, I am new to all these include programming… Thank you so much for replying.

Yes, i was asking about whether you have the free, plus or pro subscription.

Writing raw data to the database (as opposed to data which is averaged across a 1 minute period) is I believe only available in the Pro subscription.


On Free plan you can store only 1 point per datastream per minute. You need to upgrade to PLUS/PRO in case you need raw data (every value sent).

I see! May I ask one more question? If I have 2data changes within a minute, let’s say the loadcell measured 20kg for the first 30second, and 40kg for the next 30 second, when I export the data to excel, will it show the average value of all the data collected within that minute? In my above example which will be 30kg? Thank you sooooo much.

@Sunny_Sum yes, correct.

I have the PLUS plan but raw data export does not work(empty cvs file). One minute export is OK. Is raw export supported in PLUS?


Yes. But you have explicitly enable it in the datastream settings.

I missed that one, thanks.