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What is the procedure for exporting a project from one Blynk IoT account to another BlynkIoT account as a developer?

Qual é o procedimento para exportar um projeto de uma conta Blynk IoT para outra conta BlynkIoT como desenvolvedor?

You can use transfer device ownership.

It didn’t work!
Could you give me a script so I can make this transfer?
I created an app in my subscription (account) and I want to download that app to the subscription (account)
How to do this? By propriety of the transfer device did not work. It’re refusing the email I’ve incoming.

Both organizations should be the parts of the same hierarchy in order to be able to transfer devices between them. Templates inheritance works here, e.g.: is main organization and is it’s suborganization – has all the templates that were created by
In case there are 2 independent organizations of the same level, developer has to copy their templates by creating the exact copy in the second account as it was done in the first one.
Template Export/Import feature is implemented in Business plan only currently.

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Dessa maneira não me atende! Veja a minha situação:
Meu cliente irá assinar o Blynk Iot e eu vou transferir o projeto para ele (para o e-mail dele). O meu cliente vai passar a ser o desenvolvedor a partir desse momento.
Qual seria a melhor maneira de fazer isso?
Não me diga que terei que refazer todo o projeto na conta dele!