Export - import graphical interface between accounts - different servers

I have a project that has a rather complex graphical interface on the mobile that works on accounts hosted on cloud servers. Now I would like to “move” this application on the new private server (Raspberry). I would like to know if there is a way / trick to import the GUI to have to rebuild and set it again.

Clone your project over. Check the Docs for that.


I had lost that article … I imported into a new project and with new token it seems to work correctly

Ok, then I’ll try with a more difficult question :slight_smile:

and if I wanted to import the “complex :-)” interface into a tab of a project already created?

thanks for your help

Sorry, currently cloneing is an all or none, entire project, option. Uncertain if the developers are planning anything different.

You could look into hacking your Local Servers user file… It is in JSON fomat.

for now the hacking of the Blynk code is out of my ability. Thanks anyway