Export CSV unix time multiply by 1000


Why unix time is multiplied by 1000 for csv export?

And how to make it automatically export to the correct format?
to avoid copying paste a formula of cacule on a list of 10000 cell in excel



Pourquoi l’heure unix est multiplier par 1000 pour l’export en csv ?

Et comment faire pour qu’elle soit exporter automatiquement au bon format ?

Afin d’éviter de copier coller une formule de cacul sur 10 000 ligne dans excel .


You can have a look and try the suggestion in (but you have to convert then easily copy the formula in Excel)

CSV data format
Data format is:

For example:

Where 10 - value of pin. 1438022081332 - the difference, measured in milliseconds, between the current time and midnight, January 1, 1970 UTC. To display the date/time in excel you may use formula:

0 - device id

Another way to do, as you are a good programmer, is to write a simple C/C++ program just to do the preprocessing / formatting to whatever format you like before importing to Excel.