Eventor Virtual pin Issue


I have a button in my project. It connected to V0 and changes value 0 to 1.

I added eventor. if time 10:00, set V0 to1. Its working normal.

I added second event. If V0 value is equal to 1, Set digital pin 5, high.

Problem is, if i push to V0 button, system works normal, digital pin 5 goes high. Time controlled eventor sets V0 to 1 but digital pin is not changing by eventor. If i push to button manually, digital pin works normal again.

Im not sure is that bug or my fault. I love blynk so wanted to report.


Yes, this is normal behaviour. You could create a very bad loop if you have Eventor Events start other Eventor Events.

E.g. If V0 = 1, set V1 = 1, if V1 = 1, set V0 = 1. You’d have to add the Set DigitalPin 5 = HIGH in the same event as the timer for V0.

Or you have to do it from your code of course :slight_smile:

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That was temporary solution for my project. I will fix it in my hardware later. Thank you. I learned something new :slight_smile:

I fell for this too earlier on :wink: