Eventor stopped working

When will the next buildup will be released?

on the next week begining, probably, on tuesday. you could use latest log build before the fix will be released: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8m8twyz91jr8wxo/main_app-log.apk?dl=0

Still doesn’t work

What does it mean ‘still doesn’t work’? As I said new build with a fix to timezone bug in the eventor will be released on the beginning on the next week, I mean android app build.

The app from drop box that you attached link to before isn’t the fixed unreleased yet Android build?

Ou, sorry, I’ll recheck it

We’d added some additional fixes, you could check this build https://www.dropbox.com/s/8m8twyz91jr8wxo/main_app-log.apk?dl=0
If it is not working - just send us a log from that app (projects list screen -> about screen -> ‘send log’ option)

It works on Android 7.1.1.
Still doesn’t work on Android 8.0
I tested latest build that you posted today

Thanks, yep, we have noticed not working notifications on Android 8.0 - I’ll update the log build with an additional logging for notifications work to check on what step they fail to show.

Could you download new build by that link, reproduce notification receival on Android 8.0 device and send us the log again. We have no Android 8.0 device currently on hands and simulators are working fine, so your help would be highly appreciated.

I sent you log files like 2 hours ago thru email
( Used latest built that you posted here)
If you need me to test newer built let me know

Yep, I received them, and updated log for better debug. So there should be a new build available by the same link.

Still doesn’t work. Sent you log file #2 using latest built

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Thanks, I now see where the app fails to send the notification, but at now moment I have no idea why it is not working. I’ll investigate this issue and update you in this thread.

@BlynkAndroidDev, do you think my issue is related to this bug?

should i do some debug log?

Could you try this build with fixed notifications - https://www.dropbox.com/s/4v54z1u2asx0ow6/blynk-app-log.apk?dl=0

Notifications now working but email doesn’t work

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I could not advise on email, as it is working on the server side. @Dmitriy will respond when he will have time.

Cool. When can I expect to download working(notification) app from playstore?

Seems it would not be done on this week, as we’ll release some additional features (better clone, for example), that requires server update, so it would be probably on next week, when Dmitriy will return. You could use this logging build, or I could create same build without logs, so it would be almost the same as the feature release.