Eventor single device limitation workaround


Trying to bypass the Eventor single instance/device limit. To do so I’ve created an additional Timer project with Eventor and set of WebHooks each “pointing” to another device pin via Blynk API. Managed devices are added into another Project.
If I create a slider in the Timer project and a Webhook with the same pin everything works fine: when I move the slider webhook catches the change and sends new value to corresponding pin in another project.
If I create an Eventor with an event which set that pin a value I can see the slider moving to a particular position but Webhook does nothing.

What am I doing wrong?

BTW, is there any other way to do some tasks on schedule for multiple devices in a project?

You can use Bridge to set values across devices instead of Webhooks. I’d recommend that.

It looks like multiple eventors might be allowed in device tiles (link) which would be a great feature but it could be a while until that happens.