Eventor problem: only 33 events

as I mentioned above I can only create 33 events with the eventor widget.
In the documentation it says that I can add as many events as I want, but after adding the 34th event
I get the message “User not allowed to perform this operation”.

Is there any possibility to add more events or
a way to change the state of multiple pins with only one event?

Thanks for your answers,

After searching this forum with your error message, It appears to be a generic message that basically means you have exceeded a limit - not specific to an eventor event, but perhaps overall project (or profile - same thing??) size itself; which is most likely as I see you have 4 tabs containing an unknown amount of widgets and other settings.

You may want to consider setting up a Local Server and cloning your project over to that, so you have full control over your project sizes.

Thanks for your quick answer.

I don’t think I’ve reached any maximum project size, because I can add other widgets without any problems.

Also I don’t have the possibility to have a local server running at the moment.

Well, it was a stab in the dark… mostly based on the fact that that same error was referred to for another reason (too many projects).

Further Googling located this github reference to all the Android error strings… which cryptically says you aren’t allowed :stuck_out_tongue:

<string name="error_user_not_allowed">User not allowed to perform this operation</string>

We will have to await more informed assistance :wink: @Dmitriy

Local Server can be ran on just about anything that can run Java… even the computer you are currently using.

Here is another Local Server link that might be more useful (I really wish Blynk would put all these tutorials in ONE spot).

The problem is, that the device the server is running on has to stay on all the time.

That is generally true with most servers :stuck_out_tongue: However the device can be a media center that idles in the living room, a DVR security PC, etc. - I tend to have at least 2-3 devices running 24/7. Even a cheap little little Raspberry Pi on a desk; on that note, what are you using for your Blynk hardware board? If it is a RPi, you can have it run both server and client.

I didn’t mean you have to install it right now :wink: but check around for your future options.

Meanwhile we will just have to await a Blynk representative to answer in more detail… it is the weekend, so that means someone is bound to answer anyhow :smiley:

I am using an Arduino Mega with an Ethernet Shield.
I’ve already thought about using a Raspberry Pi for other projects. I think now it’s time to buy one. :smiley:

Hi. Seems like this is widget size limit. Do you really need 33 events :slight_smile:?

I want to toggle lots of outputs with one button click.
Sure, I could do it on hardware side, but if I want to change which outputs are used, I would have to upload a new sketch to the Arduino.
It would be easier, if you could toggle more than one output with one single event.

Yeap. That is our plan.

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Ok, so at the moment there is no way to solve my problem?

There is. Local server or increase limits in cloud.

That sounds interesting. Is it possible to do that by myself?

I think the simplest solution here would be to wait for multi action eventor. We are working on it already.

Hi, I have setup my own local server and I also have that problem. But for me, that message appears with only 12 events. I don’t know why. I have increased the default memory for each profile but no result.

@garcia567 you need to change this property user.widget.max.size.limit

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