Eventor: more possibilities

It would be nice to have AND and OR operators or if you could toggle multiple things with one single event.

When tempC V0 is higher than 18
AND tempC V0 is lower than 23
turn ON heater D2
AND turn ON led D3

You could realize complexer tasks.


This definitely has my vote! :slight_smile:

Also, it will be great if we can EDIT the existing events…
Oh, and also wanted to say about one bag:
When I edit the new event and click OK (app button, “1” on pic, not the button of android keyboard,“2” on pic) event exit and didn’t save.

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You can… sort of. You will have to swipe (deleting steps) backward to get to the part you want to edit, then recreate the parts you swiped away. Not a big issue right now (unless you are like me and forge… what was I saying??), but could become a problem as individual events get more complex.

You do need to hit that final keyboard button to complete the event (whether editing or creating new)… It should then give a message. Only then hit OK to exit the eventor widget itself.

Hmmmm,that’s not an edit, that’s deleting and new creating :grin:

If I don’t click that OK button on my android keyboard I’m not able to choose a condition next (turning pin ON/OFF or sending notification),that field isn’t active…

Yep… I did say sort of :stuck_out_tongue: I guess it is better than nothing if you only need to edit one of the later steps.

You should get the available options after hitting enter (or done) at each step.

I tried to do that,but if I didn’t click on OK button field condition isn’t active…

On my tablet, if I want to continue to the next step I need to chose a number then hit DONE, before I can see the next options. If you still see a number pad or other choice option (like pin type, designation), then your event requires another step before it can be completed.

So,at this step you’ve got a Blynk “OK” button,you can click it,if you click it the event finishes. I think it isn’t right,because at first time I think that if it is active I can click it, but I should know that I need to hit Done button first.And many times were situations that after I choose the number I hit Blynk’s OK and event didn’t save. So, in my mind it shouldn’t be active until you click Done on your phone’s keyboard.

Think of the OK button as the exit from eventor (it is) and until you see the “Event is ready. Nice!” message, then your event is incomplete (for whatever reason, it needs at least one more step) and OK will just delete it and exit.

The ability to exit the eventor, mid event, is to keep people from getting stuck in it, thinking they are finished when they are not. Or because they realised they don’t need this event and want to quit right away.

I think OK button should appear after all is done,so you accept that all is correct. Earlier it maybe should be grey and disabled. If you need to go out of this event and didn’t save it-press “Back” android’s button (one of main buttons in the middle of the screen,like Home button). So, in my opinion this function should be more clear to understand. Or it should be 2 buttons-OK and QUIT :grin:

That wouldn’t work as that is an Android function, outside of Blynk… basically kicking you out of the app altogether.

They have it fairly logical as it is. Think of it as waiting in lineup (the type without the barricades)… you will know when you are at the end, but until then, common sense says you can leave at any time without waiting for permission (unless you are still in school and on a field trip :stuck_out_tongue: )

I click it 5sec ago and it didn’t save the event settings and go out to Main screen of Event widget,so all is ok.[quote=“Gunner, post:12, topic:11855”]
They have it fairly logical as it is. Think of it as waiting in lineup (the type without the barricades)… you will know when you are at the end, but until then, common sense says you can leave at any time without waiting for permission (unless you are still in school and on a field trip :stuck_out_tongue: )
So,I need to fail 1-2-3,etc. times of adding events to know that OK should be clicked at the end,but until that I’m not able to hit it :grinning: So,when I configure the widget OK is not OK,it becomes OK only at the end :blush:

I guess so :wink: It is kind of like those big glass doors with handles on both sides… but they only open one direction… and no PUSH / PULL sign… That’s how we all learn :stuck_out_tongue:

PS, just so you understand… I do agree that better documentation would take some of the guesswork out of these things. But documentation can be quite a subjective thing… When I make documentation, a blind two year old could follow the directions… if only they could lift the whole 2,000+ page book :wink:

PPS, I only noticed HOME button in your statement, my bad.


There’s an exit button in the upper left corner.

I know… the issue wasn’t that there was an exit, or which exit to use, rather the question of should it be clearly marked (as an event canceling…er, event) or allowed to be used before it’s time. Or basicly clearer directions to the overall flow of things, and in crayon :slight_smile:

I try the same way :grin: And a lot of schematics,explaining everything.

That’s the problem-“clear” button, so it’s such button for what you don’t need any documentation. Blynk isn’t a simple app for novice,there are a lot of examples and coding. So,if it would be another documentations for every button-noone can read and memorize it :sunglasses:

Well, that last thing I am going to say about it, is that I did figure out how to use it without reading any directions (and I am not very good with puzzles), so it can’t be all that confusing.

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In fact you can command multiple things with one event, but not add multiple conditions. It would be great it new versions include that option.