Eventor issue

I have problem with my blynk eventor:( used with nodemcu)
I have two switch button D1 and V1 ( any else)
I create two eventor:
1 if V1=0 then turn off D1
2 if V1=1 then turn on D1
But when working: turn on V1, D1 alway off (eventor 2 not ok).
Turn on V1 then turn on D1 ( both of them on) after that turn off V1, D1 off ( eventor 1 ok)
Anyone else as me or ad please check for me, thanks !!

It is not clear what you are trying to do… it seems that you have two buttons, one virtual and one physical, and you are trying to synchronize them using the eventor??

Actually i control device by google assistant to blynk by webhook, Virtual pin is ok, but use eventor change state of Digital pin have trouble

Oh sorry my mistake, Mod delete my post plz, thanks.