Eventor - Is there a method to delete only one event rather than entire set?

The Eventor is an incredibly powerful tool, allowing me to eliminate my need for IFTTT and some lines in my program. The one frustration I have with it is that I can’t see a way to delete a single event if I have a series of events. It appears my only choice is to either delete the entire series or deactivate the event I no longer need. That’s fine as a workaround but makes for a bit of a mess. Is there a way to delete just one event? Thanks.

Hello. You can use swipe-left.

Haha. How embarrassing. I must have missed that. Thanks @Dmitriy. And thanks for the prompt reply.

Add-on question (which perhaps I should post as a new topic?): Is there a way to use the eventor to notify me if a virtual pin is directed to post a comment rather than a value? For example, if I wanted to be notified as soon as the device comes online (in this case a Photon). I can set up to Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, “Device Came Online”) but I’m not sure how or if I can use that with the eventor.

Not possible right now. However you can send something like 1/0.

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But you can control virtual pins with Eventor and they in turn can send PUSH notifications / Emails, right?

Yes. I mean not possible to compare value as string from virtual pin via eventor. We have dozens of ideas how to improve eventor. But we have no resources for that :(.