Eventor is not sending notifications after timed pin reset

Hey everyone,

I found a strange behaviour while experimenting with one of my projects. I´m not sure if this behaviour is intended and hope you can help me.

What I´m trying to do:
I have an ESP32 with a water level sensor in a water tank. The ESP32 checks the current water level every hour and sends it to virtual pin V17 on the blynk servers where the water level data is displayed in a superchart. If the water Tank is empty, the ESP32 also sends value “1” to virtual pin V18. In the blynk app (android) i have set up eventor to send me a notification if pin V18 gets set to 1. All of this is working very well. But if I forget to refill the water tank, I also want to get a reminding notification once a day. And thats where the trouble started.

Here is what I tryed:
I know that eventor works in a way that it will only send this notification the first time the condition is met and the value on V18 equals “1”. So the value on V18 needs to be changed back to “0” in order to be triggerd the next time by eventor. What I did is setting up a timer event in inventor to reset the value on V18 to 0 every day at 12 o clock. So theoretically, when I forget to refill the water tank, the ESP32 will keep sending value 1 every hour and after the timed reset to 0 at 12 o clock, the first upload after that should trigger a new notification once a day until i refill the water tank.

The issue:
It still dosent work. I only get the notification the first time the condition is met and never again. The timed reset dosent seem to “count”.

My trys to find the problem:
I observed if the value realy gets reset at the set time with a value display in the app --> yes it works, even if the app or the smarphone is closed at that time.
I tryed to reset the value on V18 manually to 0 with a button in the app --> yes it works, i always get a notification once a day if a reset manually.
I tryed to trigger an LED in the app instead of a notification if the water tank is empty --> same result as with the notification.

It seems like a value reset to trigger an eventor event again dosent “count” if its done with a timer.

Is Blynk supposed to work this way or is this a bug?

I believe it is intended behaviour to make infinite routines impossible in Eventor. You can bypass that, using a different pin as a flag to reset the V18 from hardware.