Eventor event display

Hi there!

I find the Eventor very useful for my project.
Yet, I couldn’t find the way to display, inside my App, the events’ details on runtime.
Also, approaching the Eventor from the code side and extract this data seems impossible…

Any ideas?

Personally, I don’t see any reason to use Eventor when you’re also using code on your device. I’m also an iOS user, so don’t have access to Eventor anyway, but as yet I’ve never found a situation where it would be useful.

One possible way to view the Eventor data (and this is only speculation) would be to use the API to extract the project JSON and view this in an online viewer.
You’d do this with this command in a web browser…

Obviously “yourAuthToken” would be replaced with the Auth token for your project.

You can the. Use a viewer like this:


to view the results.


Thanks for your reply.
The use case is pretty simple really. In the app I setup a scheduler using the Eventor. When it triggers, I open a relay. In this case for irrigation system.
It is clean and easy. Yet, the time you setup the eventor to trigger is encapsulated inside and cannot be edited in app runtime . Also, from the UI perspective you would like to see the time it will trigger, so this is a big disadvantage…
What do you use as an alternative?


Attach the time input widget to a virtual pin and use code to trigger the relay at the selected times and days. Push information about mode (auto/manual override), remaining time, elapsed time etc. to labelled value widgets - also attached to virtual pins.
I never use digital pins either, much cleaner to do it in code.

For me, Blynk has two levels of functionality. The tools to allow anyone to get up and running very quickly, even if they do t have an IoT board and need to use the serial script. Digital pins and Eventor fall in to this category for me.

Then you have the hardcore (and pretty much bulletproof) functionality of virtual pins and creating your functionality in code on the device.

I use the latter approach.