Eventor DHT22 and BUTTON

tell me how to set up the event.

For example, in the widget

void temp ()
    h = dht.readHumidity ();
    t = dht.readTemperature ();
    {Blynk.virtualWrite (V6, h);}


BLYNK_WRITE (V49) {boolean pinData49 = param.asInt (); if (pinData49 == 0) {digitalWrite (relevl49, HIGH);} else if (pinData49 == 1) {digitalWrite (relevl49, LOW);}}

How do I switch the fan natroit humidity in excess of 50%?

Show the pictures, I did not get. Thank you.

I hope h and t are global variables?

What is BUTTOM and BOTTOM?

Have you checked this:

I can not tie the pin to pin …

in this case /pin/ = V0 if it’s what you are asking.

I tried it in different ways, can not I … (
I have already started writing his hands, so that more later sit as smart home have to take tomorrow.