Eventor, Buttons and Led Bug


Lately I’ve been working with the Eventor and found a strange behavior which you might easily reproduce without hardware just using the Android client app.

What you need is: 2 Buttons and 1 Led

  • Led => V1
  • Button1 => V2
  • Button2 => V3

Button 1 and 2 are in switch mode and have a range from 0 - 1 when triggered.

Eventor settings:

If V2 equals 1 set V1 255
if V2 equals 0 set V1 0
(This means button 1 controls the Led) next…

If V3 equals 1 set V1 0, also set V2 0
if V3 equals 0 set V1 0, also set V2 0
(This means Button2 when enabled and when disabled, it always turns OFF Led and Button1)

So far so good, if you try this it works as expected until:
Beginning State => Button1, Button2 and Led are OFF
Press Button1 => Led turns ON
Press Button2 => Button1 and Led turns OFF
Press Button1 => Led doesn’t turn ON (bug)
(If you want to repair the behavior just keep pressing Button1, turning it OFF and then ON again, makes the behavior work normal again).

You could change the behavior in in Eventor for Button2 and you would notice similar Bug. For example:
If V3 equals 1 set V1 255, also set V2 1
if V3 equals 0 set V1 255, also set V2 1
or for example:
If V3 equals 1 set V1 255, also set V2 1
if V3 equals 0 set V1 0, also set V2 0

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It seems your Button 2 is doing the job properly…

I could be a little bit sleepy… Time to go to bed… :sleeping:

Hello. Actually, this is expected. Here is documentation text:

NOTE : Events are triggered only once when the condition is met. However there is one exclusion: Let’s consider simple event as above if (temperature > 40) send notification. When temperature goes beyond 40 threshold - notification action is triggered. If temperature continues to stay above the 40 threshold no actions will be triggered. But if temperature goes below threshold and then passes it again - notification will be sent again (there is no 15 sec limit on Eventor notifications).

This was mostly done to avoid spamming of messages. When some specific condition is met. Maybe in the future we will add some additional options to the eventor to handle this case.

Well let me tell you my use case just for reference:

If you have system lets say 5 lights in a room, and you want to disable all 5 lights with 1 button. That would be the button2 in the case above.

Not spamming is good, but as you said maybe for this case a special handling is required.

The workaround is doing this logic on the hardware side


We have tags for that - http://docs.blynk.cc/#blynk-main-operations-control-of-multiple-devices-tags