Eventor and time based events + button tweaks

I’m using blynk to control my vivarium and fish tank. It would be great if I could do something like if time >= 11 and time <= 20 DP1 on, else DP1 off. That way I could program lighting, misting, feeding and other tasks from the app. Also, by having it in the app, as opposed to on the ESP8266 I don’t have to program the ESP every time I want to change something.

Also, with buttons/switches it would be super nice to be able to do something like when switched, keep on for x seconds before turning off again (or the other way around). Combining this with eventor would be even better.
Use cases I can think of:

  • Reef aquariums where people turn of pumps while feeding
  • Misting systems for terrariums / vivariums
  • Lock mechanisms
  • etc

Maybe I should just use the API to accomplish this. It would be nice to have in the app tho.

Nice. Thank you for ideas!