Eventor and IOS


Looking at the documentation and other people’s projects, Eventor appears to be exactly what I need.

Unfortunately (unless i’m doing something wrong) it doesn’t seem to be available for IOS.

Are there any plans to release it or do I need to find a different solution?



Only a matter of time before iOS development catches up with Android.

We’re expecting a big iOS update soon. Hopfully with Eventor included along with other missing widgets.

Right ok, thanks for the info but I was hoping for something a bit more concrete than that.

When I started developing, I didn’t know that the IOS version was just a cut down version of the android app.

Wish I’d known that before I bought all that energy.

Oh well, thanks anyway.

Personally I would only see that happening if the much more popular Android platform took a back seat i.e. the Android developers stopped doing their job.

It’s not, you selected IOS and way more Blynkers are on Android so the development has progressed further on the most popular platform. In “several” weeks IOS should be where Android is today but that doesn’t mean they will be at the same stage of development.

I’m sorry but, in what way is it not a cut down version?
I’m well aware that platform specific development happens at different speeds. However, as you look through the documentation on the website, at no point does it mention that certain widgets aren’t available.

I’m genuinely not trying to be awkward here, just trying to figure out what I do next.

In that Blynk IOS is not Blynk Android Lite.

Hi all … any updates on when IOS is getting Eventor?

This same question was asked 4 days ago.

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