EtherCard library support?


Do You plan to support EtherCard library anytime soon?

EtherCard is a driver for the ENC28J60 chip.

It works perfectly with cheap “HanRun” ethernet module for Arduino.



No we didn’t have such requests.
ENC28J60 chip is supported (using UIPEthernet). Are there any benefits of using EtherCard?

Check this example:



I have HanRun 11/46 ethernet module, and I can only get it running with EtherCard library…

i have the same problem…

Added it to the TODO list… Thanks.

@defendor, @m4rk0,
I checked the EtherCard library, it seems to do the same as UIPEthernet example that we provided (just a different library).
Also, I was able to run this example to run Blynk on a similar module to yours (HanRun 11/46), which has actually an ENC28J60 chip.

Could you please check if the example for ENC28J60 works with your hardware?

The advantage of ethercard is that it is significantly smaller

Currently we support only UIPEthernet. EtherCard has stability issues.