ESP8285 for a smaller 8286 implementation - WORKS!

Was testing micropython on ESP8255 and decided to give Blynk a try with Arduino IDE. Works! The board is not much bigger than the 8266 module. Check out Pesky Products on Tindie. Sorry if this sounds like an add but I’m just really happy with this little tiny board :slight_smile: (I’m a paying customer and not compensated). About 1/3 the size of the average ESP8266 breakout. Expensive at ~$25 but there’s not a ton of competition at this point and I think they’re just building small batches. I did find an even smaller one today from ITEAD Studio and ordered a few ~$2. They’re on back order so I can’t really comment on it yet (other than love the price).

Very very expensive if you consider what you get…

Indeed. I bought one just to try it out (and support a local NorCal maker :slight_smile: ) but for multiple it’s a no go. I did just receive the shipping confirmation from ITEAD so I should have a handful of those $2 boards to try soon. Anyway, another option if size is very much a concern for a project and the normal ESP8266 breakout boards are just too big.