ESP8266 YL-69 sketch

Hi friends.
I need a sketch for ESP8266 to work with YL-69 sensor


@ErfanDL you should locate a sketch before you purchase your hardware unless you are an experienced coder and planning to do it all yourself.

Google is likely to have the required sketch for use with an ESP / Arduino and then you just need to learn how to convert it to work with Blynk. This can be done by working through the many examples available.

A search of this site will also probably bring up some code that you can use.

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You can check:

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Ya know I have came across your post a couple of times and it has irritated me on both occasions. Costas, Why would you criticize someone for trying to increase their abilities over a $3.00 module. At least @ErfanDL is attempting to gain the knowledge of producing the code necessary to make his project run. Not everybody that is inquiring about a patch of code is as well versed in writing code as you may be, but at least they are attempting to learn. This isn’t “you already know how to code”. This is about learning and gaining the knowledge to advance the capabilities for future generations in the advancement of microprocessors. How dare you chime in and demean another due to their lack of knowledge. Do the rest of us a favor and keep your demeaning comments to yourself, and if you really have the ability to help out, then utilize that ability to advance the up and coming generations or the less versed in their needs, instead of criticizing another for not having the knowledge to advance their projects to the level they are inquiring about.

@rshonk Your point of view is meaningful, and perhaps understandable, if you have only seen a small section of this overall forum. But please don’t assume and attack a perceived demeanor of another forum member.

@Costas has been here almost since the beginning (much longer than I have) and DOES readily help out with code, advice, encouragement, etc.

We all have our differing personalities and communication skills… and I have found that sometimes written comments can often be misinterpreted as caustic, when perhaps they are just the result of exhausted repetition and aimed at “getting to the point”.

Unfortunately, this forum does see its fair share of “Give me code/help, now!” comments, without any prior or forthcoming indication of self effort… and sometimes we can all get a little “cranky” in our responses to these posts (not me of course :innocent: yeah… right… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), but let’s please keep it civil and polite… not that you were overtly rude, but perhaps some of your comments would have been best delivered as a PM, and perhaps not about a topic that is over two months old ;).