ESP8266 Standalone connection timeout

Hi all,
I’m trying to make an ESP8266 standalone aplication as a temperature controller. I am using the Arduino IDE with ESP-12.
The question is, what happens when we the network is down during startup or when the device looses connection.
From what i saw in the BlynkSimpleEsp8266.h:

 void connectWiFi(const char* ssid, const char* pass)
    BLYNK_LOG("Connecting to %s", ssid);
    if (pass && strlen(pass)) {
    	WiFi.begin(ssid, pass);
    } else {
    while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) {
    BLYNK_LOG("Connected to WiFi");

    IPAddress myip = WiFi.localIP();
    BLYNK_LOG("My IP: %d.%d.%d.%d", myip[0], myip[1], myip[2], myip[3]);

Device will hang until the network is found.
In my code I have used:

  while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) {
if (tries > 30) {

And this works well. If the device does not connect on startup it will give me an error, but it will continue to run the code. And when the network is available it will connect.

Can someone with more programming experience tell me how to bypass this in the Blynk library.

Thank you

You can always modify the method to match your needs.
You can also skip using begin() and use config() instead. this will enable you to manage WiFi connection manually.