Esp8266 shield with ardino uno

This would be really helpful if someone can find solution

I have uploaded a blank doc then flashed the ESP shield then the AT commands are functional then removed I0 pin of the ESP from ground uploaded Esp8266 shield code from blynk example but the AT commands are not working says connecting WiFi ,

failed to disable echo … completely stops i used baud rate 9600

I followed online tutorials but those one I think they were using mega instead of Uno they kept saying swap the Rx and TX pins after uploaded the example code doesn’t work when I tried that with Uno. I think I am making a small mistake don’t know how to overcome so help please

If you uploaded Blynk to ESP, you erased AT commands firmware from the module.
You have to options:

  1. Start using Blynk on ESP standalone (recommended way)
  2. Re-flash AT command firmware to the ESP