ESP8266 Loosing Timezone in RTC

  1. Setting Timezone Value in the widget properties does not affect on rtc hour() value. GMT always displayed.
  2. Once been set, Timezone Value disappearing from the widget settings after some period.

Is that Android? Latest app? You may have outdated widget. Please try to remove and add again.

Android. Solved. BTW, how to check what version is installed and what one in GAppStore?

No way at the moment.

One more suggestion:
Please keep Blynk.apk here on server available for downloads.
Because on Google Store huge amount of devices qualifies as non compatible.

Thanks in advance.

What devices are not compatible? We do not have any restrictions here.

E.g. Xiaomi MIPAD

This is probably google issue. They are not so fast in adding new devices.

Absolutelly. You want to count all the cases? MIPAD is rather old device and not unique in that case. If you are not responsible for Google, do as I suggest. I do not think it’s a problem.