Esp8266 (last command does not run on restart)

I uploaded the Blynk “NodeMcu” example program on esp8266…
it runs fine, but after reseting or disconnecting and reconnecting power supply. My last command dose-not run which was running.

I Connected LED to Pin D4(GPIO0)
and gives the Command LED ON through Blynk LED goes ON.
but when power is removed and reconnected the LED doesn’t turns ON (but on blynk app it is sowing on).

Please heap.

Moved your post to the correct category.

That is because when the MCU reboots, it starts from scratch… you would need to add in additional codeing to pull most current data from the server each time it reboots.

Look at these commands: Blynk.syncAll() Blynk.syncVirtual(vPin)

And an example sketch for that scenario…

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