Esp8266 issue

Hi i have this issue with esp8266 , it falls from internet once a day , i have a good internet connection and strong WiFi signal, for ex: with sinric pro using the same esp8266 never drops from internet.

Maybe you should share your code first ? :thinking:

Ok i Will do that later on.thanks.

Please ensure that when you post your code to the forum you place triple backticks on a separate line at the beginning and end of the code so that it displays correctly.
Triple backticks look like this:

It may also be useful to see your serial output, and if you copy/paste the text from your serial monitor please use triple backticks with that too.

Please don’t post screenshots of your serial monitor or your sketch.


For some reason the esp8266 , disconnect from internet , and like i said internet connectios are working very well , thanks for any help and sorry for my poor inglish.

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@Luis1 your code has been removed because you didn’t format it correctly with triple backticks.

Rather than attempting to hijack someone else’s topic, I’d suggest that you create a new “Need help with my project” topic and carefully read all the information that appears when you do that. Provide all of the information that is requested, and format your code properly.


Very sorry …