ESP8266 HVAC control

@Costas Lesson learned. But I’d already built the circuit. Thankfully, I built a socket for the ESP-01, so it’s pretty quick and simple to pull out and reprogram.

@emi2 No need to delete it. It’s still a valuable addition. It just has to be made clear that it’s not for the ESP-01. :slight_smile:

@chrome1000 out of interest how big is your sketch?

Ok, I leave it like this.
I do not know how to put the code as it does chrome1000.

Thank you very much for the new code. I’ll try it.

Select all of the code that you want to be formatted, and click the button at the top of the editing window that looks like “< / >”.

The code button is ok for small extracts but the recommended way for larger sketches is shown at [README] Welcome to Blynk Community!

You then get colour formatted code like this:

  EEPROM.begin(100); // max 512 bytes of EEPROM starting at address 0
  DataLocation = 1;  // e.g. for Blynk token
  EEPROMgetE(DataLocation, theData);
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Thank you very much[quote=“chrome1000, post:71, topic:2586, full:true”]
Select all of the code that you want to be formatted, and click the button at the top of the editing window that looks like “< / >”.

There is an error. The 8 is 9

Can you please share QR code for your application?

Good catch. Thanks.

hi @chrome1000, did u install ESP8266 firmware.?

No. It’s my understanding that ESP8266 firmware is overwritten by programming with the Arduino IDE.


Can you just help me how to add button for 30min manual run? What exactly should I include into code and where?

use a simpleTimer “timeout”

I know but I do not know how to make it work in this project. I can not even add simple button that would do the same as first option in “Settings” mode (to trigger propper port and to have working indicator led)

Are you saying that a dashboard that has been cloned by QR code can’t be modified? If that’s the case, just modify the existing manual setting in the code to time out. No additional buttons necessary.

You could also copy my dashboard by hand to a new dashboard, and add your own custom buttons.

I am using your project (really thank you for great work) and I am using also your dashboard, just I have modified according to my wishes.

Now I would like to have also real button for manual mode (with 30min auto off), not only as item in settings, but honestly I do not know how to do it in a way that everything will work the same way

Excellent project all up and running except the “Home” and “Away” IFTTT , I cant get it to work can anyone help thanks