ESP8266 giving stack overflow with Scheduler control and timers

While executing code for following i am getting stack overflow. The part of code executes when scheduler controls triggers event.

VirtualPIN V5 is a slider control which decides how long the pump should run which is handled by timer.SetTimeout()

if i trigger this function manually the code works fine, like calling pump function on click on button.

But when same code is called from Scheduler trigger, the device gives stack-overflow and restarts itself

following is code line for Pump.

void pump()
Serial.println("Running Pump for ");

  if(slider>0 && slider <= 15)  //in case user sets slider > 20 then it should not exceed 20 minutes
    Serial.println("switching pump ");
     digitalWrite(D7, HIGH);
     hh = hour();
     mm = minute();
     dd = day();
     mon = month();
     timer.setTimeout(slider*60000, callMeLater);
     Blynk.virtualWrite(V3, LOW);


can someone please help.

P.S: i tried with simple time input control the code works perfect with time input control but with scheduler it fails.

I had updated libraries and app as well.